How to keep your golf cart windshield looking good and help prevent those fine scratches.

Scratches are caused several different ways. Small particles of dirt and dust dragged across the windshield causes most of the scratches. Any paper towels will cause them along with many cloth towels. Micro fiber towels are the best for picking up those dirt particles and not dragging them across the windshield.

There is also a product called ALL KLEER that helps prevent scratches. This product will dissolve those dirt particles and will leave a protective film on your windshield. ALL KLEER should be applied every two to three weeks for best results. ALL KLEER was developed for airplane windshields and has been used in that industry many years.

An excellent second use would be in the clear part of your side curtains. Keeping them soft and cutting down on particles will help them from also being scratched. It cleans them and keeps oxidation from forming. Micro fiber towels and ALL KLEER will keep your cart looking good and make it more valuable in the future.