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Maintenance Tips

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Streetrod karts should not use the golf cart propane heaters because they sit too close to the windshield and could cause it to warp .

-->  Learn how to read and reset your odometer <--

Gas karts - Your first service should be at 70 hours. 
Contact the shop for an appointment

After the first service gas karts should have the oil changed every 100 hours or annually whichever is first.  The 2 fuel filters and air filter should be checked with every service.
Mid grade gas  (Octane 89) is recommended.
The Streetrod Shop offers both first & annual services.  

The rubber seal on the gas cap has deteriorated after 5 years on some carts. This caused small rubber bits to fall into the gas tank. It would be prudent to replace your gas cap after 5 years to avoid a problem.


Annual Service for Gas Golf Cars

(First Service at 70 Hours, Then Every 100 Hours or Once a Year, Whichever Comes First)


Price Includes:
1 1/2 Quarts Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil 10W40
Club Car Parts:
Oil Filter (Depending on Engine)
Fuel Filter(s)/ Air Filter
NGK Spark Plug
Inspect Suspension
Lube Chassis/ Shocks/ Latches
Adjust Brakes (If Needed)
Lights and Battery Chec

Annual Service for Electric Golf Cars
Contact the shop for an appointment

(Every 100 Hours or Once a Year, Whichever Comes First)


Price Includes:
Computer and Battery Readings
Inspect Suspension
Lube Chassis/ Shocks/ Latches
Check Tire Pressure (25#)
Check All Lights
Adjust Brakes (If Needed)


Ethanol gas treatment


  1.              1) All gas cart owners should consider using Sta-Bil Marine Formula Ethanol Treatment (Sta-Bil MFET) which is navy blue in color. See Picture Below

   2.        2)   Sta-Bil MFET is different than old Sta-Bil which is red in color which we no longer recommend for use in gas carts along with Sea Foam and other additives. 

   3.        3) Sta-Bil MFET currently is available from Wal-Mart,  Auto Parts Store and Ace Hardware.  It comes in  double neck plastic bottle with 32 oz of product in the bottle which will treat 300-350 gallons of gas.  Sta-Bil MFET navy blue, is formulated to condition your gas, clean the inside of your motor, coat the parts that the gas passes by so that the ethanol does not adhere to the metals and start to clog or gum up your equipment.  It will also help in the elimination of excessive smell.

 4)  We recommend that you follow the directions on the bottle and start out with 1 oz. per 5  gallons in the first tank and then use maintenance doses of    oz. per 5  gallons on each successive fill.  If you miss a fill, just start with the next tank and use the maintenance dose of oz. per 5 gallons.  By keeping this in your gas supply you should experience less fuel related problems.  It should also make sure that you visit our service area only once a year for your annual service.  Lack of use of this additive could have snowbirds visiting the service area every time they come back down.  Summer heat is brutal on parked, garaged carts. A bottle of this at Wal-Mart is approximately $20 for 32 ounces.


Note -- the battery in a gas kart will need to have water added. Some of the batteries are not maintenance free.  Be sure to check every few months. The battery warranty is only 1 year but only if you take care of it - add water when it needs it.  Distilled water is better for your battery than tap water.

Check the air in your tires monthly - keep 22 - 25 PSI

Electric karts - check your battery water every month
 ==> Batteries contain acid that is very corrosive.  It is important to clean your batteries frequently as the acid will damage your golf cart.  Be sure to hose down your drive immediately after cleaning your battery or you could end up with a rust colored stain on your drive from the battery acid.  Baking soda and water will work to clean your batteries or you can buy battery cleaner solution.  Over filling your batteries can cause the acid to bubble out since the liquid in the battery expands when the battery is being charged.  It is better to add water after the battery is charged - not before.  Always use distilled water when possible.

Streetrod Cleaning Instructions
1) Dust the entire cart with a California Duster
2) With Mist & Shine lightly mist your cart and wipe with a micro-fiber cloth
Mist & Shine can safely be used on your entire cart:
windshield, top, seats, all painted surfaces and chrome.
Use care not to get water on the radio or dash area.
All cleaning products are available at the Villages Streetrod Shop.

We all received some extra paint when we purchased our Streetrods.  Keep it in a climate controlled place - not a hot garage. Add on items for your Streetrod include Rear Bumpers, Speedometers, Cargo Nets, Neon Running Lights, and Headlight Visors.  Also available are Flag Poles, Streetrod Hats and Streetrod Shirts.  Streetrod owners may want to check out the California Duster now available in the Streetrod Shop.  The duster has a wax coating that picks up dust & dirt from your Streetrod.  It only takes a minute to dust off your Streetrod at the end of each day.  You will rarely have to wash your Streetrod when you use the duster.  Another good product Craig likes is MEGUIAR'S QUICK Mist & Wipe DETAILER.  Like the duster, it only takes a minute or two to make your Kart look great.  The Mist & Wipe DETAILER. is also great to use on your kart windshield.

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